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Toronto Shopping

Name Your Tune
Winner of the iParenting Media Awards for Outstanding Product for Kids and 2-time PTPA Awards! Name Your Tune are exciting and fun personalized CDs for babies and children featuring their name more than 80 times. Chosen by both about.com and aol.com as Best Gift of the Year for Children. We’re also your best destination for personalized puzzle stools, coatracks, blankets, placemats and other unique products
1-877-508-3633 | info@nameyourtune.com | www.nameyourtune.com
Stuck On You
Stuck On You ® labels have been trusted by Moms for over 17 years and have every label you are likely to need, including name labels, iron on clothing labels, shoe labels, mini labels and more. Featuring original funky colours and cool designs loved by kids, choose your favourite and create your personalized labels online.
1-866-904-9790 | canada@stuckonyou.biz | www.stuckonyou.ca
My Little Green Shop
An eco-friendly e-boutique with a great selection of safe, non-toxic and sustainable products such as organic clothing/accessories for babies/kids, safe toys, BPA-free meal utensils, PVC-free rainwear, organic bath and body products, organic cotton baby slings and nursing pillows, natural pet products, chic recycled stationery & more. Many Canadian-made products. Many fair trade products. Free shipping on orders over $100 and within the City of Vancouver. Regular giveaways on our fb and blog pages.
604 731-8404 | lili@mylittlegreenshop.com | www.mylittlegreenshop.com
Wish Bedding, Dreamy Finds for Kids
A Canadian e-boutique bringing you the best in design, quality and affordability in children’s bedding. From playful to chic, Wish Bedding has the style choices you and your child wish for. Offering twin, full and limited queen sizing. Free shipping on orders over $150. Visit us online or at our showroom in Thornhill.
(416) 506-WISH (9474) | www.wishbedding.com
Widu Handmade Italian Brushes and Combs
When it comes to eco beauty, why not start at the top? Handmade in Italy, the sustainable and lightweight brushes and combs stimulate the scalp and reduce hair breakage, making you stylish while being stylish themselves. Widu knows wood is the ideal choice for health and beauty, becuase, like our hair, it's alive.
416-484-6489 | info@bordencom.com | www.widu.com
Join the Kids Craft Club!
Craft Caravan surprises kids with exciting crafts in the mail! Join our Kids Craft Club to receive a bright green envelope of crafts every month, or choose party crafts and eco-friendly craft supplies. We make craft time simple for parents, fun for kids, and environmentally friendly. Subscribe today!
604 831 3075 | info@craftcaravan.com | www.craftcaravan.com
Just For Me Music
The CD features twelve tunes with your child's name in every song. You’ll hear the kid’s name over 75 times on the disc. We have over 3500 names. The songs have been given brand new lyrics that teach concepts including colors, and new languages. They are also performed in fresh styles, like Latin, Reggae and Rock'n'Roll! Musical magic wands sold too!
416-624-JAZZ (5299) | info@justforme.com | www.justforme.com
Boom Boom Cards – Be kind and track it online!
Boom Boom! Cards are an intentional act of kindness kit where all you have to do is be kind, track it online. If you have ever thought, “Gee, I sure would like to help change the world” this kit is for you! With 26 cards in a kit, each one is an invitation to join the Revolution, a small but growing army of people who are sure that we can re-vision the world we know and create the world we want through simple actions that allow us to reach out and exercise the innate altruism that lives in all of us.
416.484.6489 | lisa@bordencom.com | www.boomboomcards.com
Clean George – 2-in-1 Hand Moisturizer and Cleaner Completely free of Alcohol and Chemicals
Clean George offers a solution for both moisturizing and cleaning hands when soap and water aren’t readily available. The organic moisturizer is also a hand purifier, one with no alcohol-based ingredients or parabens which are ingredients commonly found in hand-sanitizing products on the market today.
416.484.6489 | lisa@bordencom.com | www.cleangeorge.com
People Towels – Change is at hand
A Green alternative to paper towels in public facilties, these quick-drying, reusable personal hand towels are made of lightweight, 100% Organic, Fair Trade Cotton. PeopleTowels are small enough to carry anywhere, and the custom-made fabric is absorbent enough to dry your hands, yet dries quickly. Convenient hangtags even allow you to easily clip or loop your PeopleTowel to your backpack, belt buckle or purse. PeopleTowels are a small sustainable lifestyle change that everyone can do for the planet.
416-484-6489 | lisa@bordencom.com | www.peopletowels.com
Thornhill Kids, Family and Event Photographer - Photography by Ricki Horowitz
Our Family, Lifestyle & Celebration photography is about the magic of connection and legacy. Using studio or natural light we will capture the fun, magic and passion of your family to preserve as a work of art.
647-401-1742 | www.rickihorowitz.com
No Nuts Please T-Shirts
Our shirts act as a confidence builder, and they educate everyone around! Remind your friends, family, caregivers, teachers and tell the world that you have a severe nut allergy! It's all about awareness ... looking good is just a bonus! All that in a T-shirt. Amazing. All T-shirts are screen in White + "Nut" Brown on the front centre of the shirt.
416-484-6489 | lisa@bordencom.com | www.nonutsplease.com
Organic bamboo towels and drying hats for baby
Beautiful and large organic bamboo towels and innovative drying hats for baby. The towels are very large so baby will not grow out of it. Wicks away water and keeps baby warm and cozy. The drying hat is perfect to dry their delicate heads without rubbing. Large thick washcloths are perfect for bath time and messy time. The champagne color goes with everything. Material is silky soft. Perfect Gift for your new baby.. "Nature makes babies now let it surround them"
416-282-9096 | farahsroom@gmail.com | www.farahsroom.com
Strawesome – So much more than a glass straw
Strawesome glass straws are beautiful, colourful and durable and are safe, fun and a healthier alternative to those overused plastic ones. They even come with a lifetime guarantee! Whether you are an eco enthusiast doing your part to cut down on landfill waste, a drink aficionado who loves using Strawesome for their uniqueness and design, or a kid who happily sips back a vitamin filled smoothie with a thick bubble tea straw, Strawesome has a straw for everyone.
416-484-6489 | info@bordencom.com | www.strawesome.com
Berry Plus – It’s first aid for your laundry!
It’s a berry that grows on trees that’s able to get your clothes whiter, brighter and cleaner than your mom’s goo. All in a single serve packet so you’ll never overdose again. Doing laundry the smart and safe way let’s you start a planet-healing revolution, but a cleaner conscience starts with clean underwear.
416-484-6489 | info@bordencom.com | www.berryplus.com
Catch E Tunes
Personalized products is all we do! We have a large selection of music cd's, cd rom story books, plush animals, posters and more...all cd's and story books incorporate your child's name in each song!! You can even personlize the labels with special messages for free!! We have from Barney to the Carebears to Marvel Action Heroes all ready to be personalized. Gift certificates are now available!!
647-273-0418 | info@catchetunestoronto.ca | www.catchetunestoronto.ca
Within Your Hands Inc.
A Canadian online company that was established to solve the growing problem of too many disposable items. We offer fun, modern, functional items that are good for you and the planet which fit into your busy lifestyles. We find items that are lead free, BPA free and non toxic. Selection includes: food containers, water bottles, snack bags & wraps, utensils, & an extensive baby line.
613-261-6827 | inquiries@withinyourhands.ca | www.withinyourhands.ca
The Lice People Inc.
Head lice removal salon in Vaughan. Safe, non-toxic treatment performed by head lice experts. Our service is 100% guaranteed. Also offering home based services throughout Toronto and surrounding GTA. School & camps checks. Parent and Pediatrician approved.
905-760-9292 | taryn@thelicepeople.com | www.thelicepeople.com
Label Lighthouse (905) 854 3790
Sammy G's Personalized Blankets and Gifts 416 444 8272
Toys and Stuff 905 707-3137
Woodbridge Mom 2 Mom Sale 905-856-5460