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Health & Allergies

Toronto Health & Allergies

Prenatal Yoga at Yonge and Eglinton
Learn how to prepare your body for birth at Fireflow Yoga. Dates: Thursday 6 - 7.15pm, 5 week sessions, can start at anytime. Cost: $90.
(416) 855-3570 | www.fireflowyoga.com
Parenting Your Child to Sleep - Dr. Nicky Cohen, C. Psych.
We are pleased to offer counselling services for parents in the areas of infant, toddler and preschooler sleep disturbances including: bedtime problems, night wakings, early morning wakings, daytime sleep difficulties, nightmares, sleep terrors and sleepwalking. Services may be covered by Extended Health Care Benefit Plans.
416.783.3900 | dr.nickycohen@kidsleep.ca | www.kidsleep.ca
No Nuts Please T-Shirts
Our shirts act as a confidence builder, and they educate everyone around! Remind your friends, family, caregivers, teachers and tell the world that you have a severe nut allergy! It's all about awareness ... looking good is just a bonus! All that in a T-shirt. Amazing. All T-shirts are screen in White + "Nut" Brown on the front centre of the shirt.
416-484-6489 | lisa@bordencom.com | www.nonutsplease.com
Collage Pediatric Therapy
Collage Pediatric Therapy is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary team of speech therapists, child psychologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists working together in a practice focused on children. We provide evaluations and treatments for children with a wide range of disabilities, disorders and challenges.
1-866-517-8026 | info@collagetherapies.com | www.collagetherapies.ca/en/
Maternity & Wellness Centre and Itsy Bitsy & Kids Yoga
We are a multi-disciplinary maternity & wellness centre offering a variety of holistic services aimed at general health & wellness, fertility, pregnancy, hormonal balance, kids health & parenting. We offer classes: Yoga (Pre & Post-Natal, Itsy Bitsy Yoga 0-4yrs, Kiddie Yoga 4-11yrs, as well as mom & baby classes, parenting classes, infant nutrition workshops, stress reduction workshops and much more!
416-480-ZENN | info@zenbeginnings.com | www.ZenBeginnings.com
The Lice People Inc.
Head lice removal salon in Vaughan. Safe, non-toxic treatment performed by head lice experts. Our service is 100% guaranteed. Also offering home based services throughout Toronto and surrounding GTA. School & camps checks. Parent and Pediatrician approved.
905-760-9292 | taryn@thelicepeople.com | www.thelicepeople.com